John Marshall Elementary:
Building Tomorrow Together

Principal: Amanda Patterson
Alissandra Aderholdt

 John Marshall Elementary School has been an important part of the Wausau community since 1923.
We have a rich history based on our excellence and tradition.

Parent involvement and parent support play a very important role at John Marshall School.
The Panther Pals work closely with staff members to address the needs of our students.
We are a diverse community representing a wide range of cultures.
We seek and encourage parent and community participation in the education of our children.

Our students and staff are committed to demonstrating a respectful and caring attitude toward others.
Appropriate social skills are taught and emphasized through a school wide program.
Some of the skills taught include: how to follow instructions, active listening, and how to apologize.
Our core behavior values are Respect, Responsible, and Safety.

As you explore our web site, we hope you will develop an understanding and
an appreciation for the program that we offer to elementary students.


Amanda Patterson 
Principal, John Marshall School